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Max Stavron is the originating partner and Vice President of Operations for The Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbucker Pickup Company, along with Mr. Tom Doyle. Tom Doyle was Les Paul’s personal guitar builder, tech, repairman, co-inventor, and soundman for over 45 years. Max is Tom’s longtime friend, confidant, business manager and partner in several exciting ventures. The Doyle Coils pickup project was launched as a homage and salute to their good friend, mentor, and hero, Mr. Les Paul himself. Les’ last major project of his life was an almost obsessive desire to make a cleaner, clearer, more articulate humbucker pickup that was not muddy on the low end and has a deliberate string separation so that all the individual notes could be actually heard. Les was getting very close… but his time had come and alas, he did not finish the project before he passed away in 2009. Tom and Max decided to make Les’ dream and final project a reality, and went to work studying all of Les’ prototypes, his notes, his experiments, countless attempts at various recipes. It took several years and lots of blood, sweat, and tears… but the two longtime friends and business partners “cracked the code”… and what a success! The Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES have been a real triumph – both as an honor to their friend Les Paul himself, but also for Les Paul guitar players all over the world. All who install the pickups agree that it’s just this side of an epiphany… a game changer, and that they never knew a Les Paul guitar could sound this way. Turns out Mr. Les Paul actually knew what he was doing… go figure!  : )

In addition to working side by side with Tom Doyle on the Doyle Coils project, Max and Tom have been working closely together on their Limited Edition Tom Doyle TIME MACHINE Relic Historic Aged Series of Les Paul guitars. The process of truly aging and relic’ing these ’59 Reissue Custom Shop guitars to have them replicate an actual 1959 Les Paul Burst is second to none! Their combined experience working on Les Paul guitars, along with their innate knowledge as to what a Les Paul actually is, and how it all comes together makes these TIME MACHINE Les Paul virtually indiscernible from a “real deal” actual vintage 1959 Les Paul guitar. The combination of their meticulous aging process, along with their phenomenal PAF Humbucker pickups, boutique high audio taper pots, caps, vintage wiring etc., all coalesce to create an absolute Masterpiece… and without the high six figure price tag of the ever elusive vintage 1959 Les Paul. Some has speculated that an actual ’59 Burst would sell for upwards of $500,000.00… that is if you could even find one for sale.

Max Stavron has been the driving force behind Tom Doyle’s stepping out from behind the shadows… and making sure that world finally knows about the “man behind the man”. Max was instrumental and the driving force behind bringing Les’ Original 1954 Black Beauty Custom to the world as well as Chet Atkins’ 1956 Prototype, aka “DARK EYES” is/was a shareholder and co-owner in these vastly historical and valuable guitars, as well as several other major pieces that will most likely be on offer in the near future.

Max Stavron… lots has been written a few years ago, once he went public with Les Paul’s Personal 50th Anniversary White Custom from the cover of his one and only autobiography and Les’ Original 1954 Les Paul Custom Prototype aka “BLACK BEAUTY” — Much was said, and very little actually known about who Max actually is… his background, his actual life, etc. Lots of haters, trolls, and opinions based on really bad low brow “Reality TV” and some junk press that passes as journalism these days… and that’s a shame. If you’re the type that believes the garbage on forums, message boards, comments sections, and various troll hangouts… well there’s nothing we can say or do here to make you wake up and smell the coffee. So keep on hating (if that’s your thing). That’s the VERY essence of prejudice by the way… forming opinions about something or someone before you even know them.  There’s been much sniping, opinions based on absolutely no actual first hand knowledge (mostly just jealousy and ignorance), and a fair amount of character assassination, and erroneous conjecture appearing on the soul crushing social media, the various forums, and the overall internet!  The not-so-funny quote comes to mind, “My mind is made up. Don’t try to confuse me with the facts”

Not to worry though… Max’s real friends and neighbors, happy customers, business partners, satisfied clients all over the world, and people that actually matter… all know Max has real character, is a very decent and honest guy, and would give you the shirt off his back. Here’s what Tom Doyle, Les Paul’s right hand man for 45+ years had to say:
Max Dedication from Tom Doyle1

So here’s some actual information about Max Stavron:
Max originally hails from New York, moved to sunny Florida for 10+ years, then headed West to go explore California in 1999. Stavron was in the nightclub/restaurant and music promotion business on the East Coast, and down South… then realized there has to be more to life than 80 work weeks, working late nights, weekends, and every Holiday. That’s when he made the jump into the Mortgage business. He quickly excelled and accelerated his career going from brokerage to mortgage banking, then into wholesale and upper management. Having been in the upper tiers of the business for over 18 years, Stavron saw the mortgage collapse coming a mile away and often warned of its demise and impending effect on the American economy. No one inside or outside of real estate finance business listened or wanted to hear that kind of prognosticating… Alas, Stavron decided to get out of the business a few years before the “shit hit the fan” and was happy he was out, well in advance. He went on to pursue his real calling and his first real sense of bliss… The Les Paul Guitar!

Max’s interests and talents are wide and rather varied… While he excels in business, he also is an accomplished guitar player, photographer, writer, and artist… Not to mention a killer guitar tech, builder, pickup maker and customizer. Max Stavron owns several manufacturing and sales businesses as well as a website design, SEO, and marketing firm. Max_Stavron_1Max is full time guitar tech and an avid collector of Vintage and rare memorabilia collectable guitars. He has been working very closely with the inimitable Mr. Tom Doyle, Les Paul’s personal guitar builder, repairman, sound engineer, co-inventor and close personal friend and confidant of over 45 years! Max and Tom have been friends for almost 30 years and is Tom’s business partner, manager, and all around right-hand-man. Tom introduced Max to Les Paul way back in the 80’s when Les first came out of retirement and had just started playing the little underground club, Fat Tuesdays in New York City. Tom would invite Max over to his shop to come hang around with Les, would bring Max over to Les’ house in Mahwah, New Jersey to visit… and would invite Max to come early to those initial shows to listen to sound check and get a seat right up front.

DCTC-LogoMax and Tom have been working closely together to honor their friend, mentor, and hero… Mr. Les Paul. The two have worked very closely together to finish Les Paul’s final pickup project and complete his dream of a clean, clear, articulate Les Paul guitar pickup that isn’t muddy or sloppy. Les had a very specific sound in mind and Tom and Max worked to complete what Les Paul had been working on in the last years of his life… an homage to Les.  More about Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers can be viewed here:

As of late 2016, Tom Doyle and Max Stavron have been working together on Tom’s newest project… The Tom Doyle TIME MACHINE Heavy Relic’d and Aged ’59 Les Paul Guitars. These Les Paul Historic ’59 Guitars are as close as anyone can get to a REAL 1959 Burst without the six figure price tag… Nothing short of mind blowing. Ask anyone who is lucky enough to own own…

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